Summer NAMM 2011

Compared to 2010 this years show seemed like a whirlwind of activity. The larger booth, better positioning and really cool guitars, amplifiers and 500 series digital stuff really set the tone for the show at 10am day 1.


Gem Series Emerald using the new Seymour Duncan Zephyr all silver pickups. Maple Gold Alnico 10” Celestion Tone Bank Combo using the 7591A (15W). The Mahogany Speaker Cabinet with the Century 12 Neo Celestion, pedal board and the new EDI battery powered gain block for those acoustics and such that need a little more gain from their pickups.


The Schneider arsenal of guitars that really pleased the crowd as well as the sitar. My two heads including the copper based Tone Bank 6V6 (8W) and the ultra cool Tone Bank 84 Silver (8W) single ended amplifiers. The Tone Bank 84 uses the RCA 5693 input pentode (red) and the 6072A for second stage gain and the reactor follower circuit. The solid brass billets on each of the amplifiers are tube shields.


My new 500 series two channel optically isolated 24/192 USB AD/DA converter.

Premier Guitars Editor Pick Day 2: I would like to thank the whole crew from Premier Guitars. They were at the booth every day commenting on how cool the setup was. Dave’s Gem series guitars featuring the Turquoise and Emerald were a big hit as these were the first to use the new Zephyr series Silver Wired Pickups really brought in the crowd.