Asynchronous USB DAC/ADC

All of the products here use our Streamlength Asynchronous USB code that I developed. These are all USB they do NOT have antiquated SPDIF or Firewire inputs like other units. These are optimized and superior to the older SPDIF/Firewire technology.

The iKodek line will include in the future the stand alone version and an IOS version with more ideas already planned.

24/192 Asynchronous optically isolated USB link. Six LED's indicating sample rate set by the computer 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192KHz.

Analog to Digital:
Dual differential receivers with 3 gain settings +4dBU, -10dBV, 0dBV.
Inputs channel 1 via 500 series, channel 2 switchable between 500 series output (used as an input) or expanded specification.
Eight LED VU meter for each channel.

Digital to Analog Conversion:
TKD dual level control on front panel.
Stereo 3.5mm on the front panel capable of driving monitors or high impedance headphones.
Dual TRS balanced differential (THAT Drivers) connections on the front panel.
500 Series switchable as output channel 1. Expanded Purple/Radial specification for expanded optional channel output.

Word Clock IO: Push button selection of Word Clock Off (power up), Input and Output.
DMPLL When in input we use the Digital Microcontroller Phase Lock Loop technology.
Two LED's show the status of the port and locking.
iKodek for 500 Series:

For the most demanding of 500 users we present the iKodek 24/192 AD/DA.

By optically isolating the USB section from the audio digital and analog sections of the design, we have kept all that computer noise from effecting the operation of the iKodek and other modules in the rack. This way you can totally isolate the computer power from the 500 series power for ultra quiet operation.

With over 25 power supplies on the card, we have optimized the 500 series power to provide super high quality AD and DA two channel operation into a single slot module.

With both a stereo (capable of driving high impedance headphones) and dual differential balanced TRS outputs on the front panel as well as expanded 500 series slot operation for inputs and outputs on the back panel. We have exceeded the capabilities of a single slot module.

The Word Clock uses our Microcontroller Digital Phase Lock Loop to lock onto the incoming word clock. This assures the lock and the generated clock going to the DAC/ADC is very low jitter. This will still be significantly higher than the also included fixed audio oscillators that are used when Word Clock is in either Off or Output mode. But is very low if the need to synchronize several units is required.